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Aesthetic treatments are basically services that enhance how you look and feel. At Furlan Massage Therapy & Aesthetics, the trained professional and entrepreneur, Fatima Furlan, is here to help you plan services that fit your goals, lifestyle & budget.

Aesthetic Medicine comprises all medical procedures that are aimed at improving the physical appearance and satisfaction of the patient, using non-invasive to minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. The Aesthetic Medicine specialty is not confined to dermatologists and plastic surgeons as doctors of all specialties seek to offer services to address their patient's aesthetic needs and desires. Some Aesthetic Medicine procedures are performed under local anesthesia while some procedures don't require anesthetics at all.

The exciting field of Aesthetic Medicine is a new trend in modern medicine. Patients not only want to be in good health, they also want to enjoy life to the fullest, be fit, and minimize the effects of normal aging. Indeed, patients are now requesting quick, non-invasive procedures with minor downtime and very little risk. As a general rule, the needle is increasingly replacing the scalpel.

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Brazilian Hand Liposculpture

What is a Brazilian "Slimming" Massage or Hand Liposculpture?

A type of massage that is a hands-on experience,an entirely manual that focusing on stimulating the natural drainage, bringingthe fluid stuck in between cells and in the tissue to the lymph nodes, in orderto be pumped out and eliminate waste and toxins from the body.

Palm Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

What is Lymphatic Drainage and what are the benefits?


Lymphatic drainage massage, also known as manual lymphatic drainage, relieves swelling that happens when medical treatment or illness blocks your lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage massage involves gently manipulating specific areas of your body to help lymph move to an area with working lymph vessels.

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At Furlan Massage Therapy and Aesthetics, we aim to provide treatments to ease the body and mind. 

Our goal us for our guests to unwind, feel calm and relaxation. By providing massage therapy and aesthetic treatments we help our visitor feel recharged and ready to take on the next day.

Treat your body and mind to one of our therapies.

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